Symbiosium - Fondation Fiminco X Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles - Fondation Fiminco


March 18 – May 6, 2023

The Fondation Fiminco and the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles present the exhibition Symbiosium.


La Chaufferie – Fondation Fiminco
From March 18 to May 6, 2023

From March 18 to May 6, 2023, the Fondation Fiminco invites the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, currently closed for renovation, to invest its spaces as part of its Trouble-Fête#Cosmogonies Spéculatives Season with the Symbiosium project, the heart of which is a collective exhibition centered around the issues of symbiosis, interactions between organisms and the emergence of new narratives on our time.

This Manifesto group exhibition is complemented by a program of performances, conferences, artist film screenings, workshops, meetings and tours bringing together artists, thinkers and creators around artistic approaches that probe the question of life, its irreducible temporality, the question of the structuring of reality and the narratives that virtualize it.

The exhibition is conceived as a living territory to be experimented with, in which more than ten new works will be created, some of them just for the duration of the exhibition. A real laboratory of creation and ideas proposed to all the public during 7 original, evolving, immersive, performative and participative weeks to experience a vision of the world as the place of a collective creation of the word and the thought between all the communities of the living beings: the symbiosium. 7 weeks to “freaktiionnaliser and décoïncider the reality” according to the expression of Stéphanie Pécourt, director of the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles. The exhibition is curated by Christopher Yggdr and Stéphanie Pécourt.


Collective Exhibition Component :

Elise Peroi *, Anne-Marie Maes, Caroline Le Méhauté *, Jérémy Gobé, Charlotte Charbonnel, Charlotte Gautier Van Tour*, Jimmy Boury, Les Matribiotes (Charlotte Gautier van Tour et Luz Moreno), Côme Di Meglio *, Luca Vanello, Justine Bougerol et Silvio Palomo *, Antoine Bertin *, Fabien Léaustic, DISNOVATION.ORG, Skall, Claude Panier †, Angyvir Padilla * (resident artist at the Fondation Fiminco 22-23), Ève Gabriel Chabanon, Yoel Pytowski * (resident artist at the Fondation Fiminco 22-23), Gwendoline Robin, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou * (resident artist at the Fondation Fiminco 21-22), Shivay La Multiple, Alexis Deconinck, Juliette Minchin, Laura Sanchez Filomeno, Marie-Luce Nadal, Marie-Sarah Adenis, Angelo Vermeulen & Fred Sena (SEADS), Eugénie Touzé, Naomie Klaus *, Victoria Palacios & Basile3 *.

* In Situ Creations

Volet Performances lors du vernissage :

Stephan Goldrajch, Maïte Álvarez, Gwendoline Robin, Hélène Barrier, Eric Androa Mindre Kolo, Skall, Shivay La Multiple, Pak Yan Lau, Davide Tidoni, Clara!, Robin  Faymonville et Aadriejan Montens.

Podcasts broadcast during the opening:

Thomas Turine, Henri Morelle, Vica Pacheco et Diane Barbe.

Throughout the exhibition period, the pieces of art will be activated by the interventions of the artists, the public and the Fondation Fiminco and Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles’s teams. Find here very soon the program of events and mediations.


You can find here the exhibition press release.

Visits led by mediators allow you to discover the exhibition in a new light. The visits take place :

  • Wednesdays at 6:00 pm – free admission
  • Saturdays at 4:00 pm (Saturday tours are bookable on the ExploreParis website)

Throughout the exhibition, performances and events will activate the works and spaces of the Fondation.

Angyvir Padilla will develop her work with performances that will take place on April 7 and April 22 from 6 to 7 pm.


Friday April 7th :

From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Activation of the installation HOME CONTAINS US AND IS WITHIN US # 43 (in situ creation) by the artist Angyvir Padilla. Visible from the outside, Angyvir performs inside the window dedicated to her.

From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm: Belgian Theory – philosophical plateau Hacker la réalité # de la nécessité de pas de côté with Ariel Kyrou – Alice Mortiaux – Nicolas Prignot.

From 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm : ” Sommes Toutes ” – Cycle of VOSTOK performances. Curated by Claire Luna assisted by Philippine Bardi de Fourtou.

With :

Lucile Bertrand & Ballets Confidentiels [Johanne Saunier & Eléonore Lemaire] Singing like birds
Violaine Lochu – W Song
Côme Di Meglio Espace tendre – mycorrhize of the soul
Moilesautresarts [Cathie Bagoris, Beth Gordon & Lila Rétif] Citrus maxima xparadisi
Somme Sensible [Eva Ayache-Van der Horst, Bastien Charmette, Anne-Gaëlle Lienne & Chloé Sassi]


Saturday April 22 (Earth Day) :

Carte Blanche at the Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin performances, readings, lives with the collaboration of the Ideal Trouble Festival.

Continuously :

Eva L’Hoest, The Inmost Cell (Video | 4k | color | 11’8″ | Belgium | 2020)
Eva L’Hoest, Under Automata, 2016 / bdd 2017 (Video | 4k | black and white | 10’49” | Belgium | 2017)
Kim Mejdahl, Hour Of Moth (etude No. II) (Video | 4k | color | 11:10 | Denmark | 2020)

From 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm: Continuous workshop for young audiences – chimeras.

2:00 pm & 5:00 pm Two sessions: Symbiosium – Les Matribiotes
Duration: 1 hour – Reservation required here.

A performance-buffet will take place at the Matribiotes with Luz Moreno Pinart and Charlotte Gautier Van Tour. There will be two sessions reserved for 12 people each, one at 2pm, the other at 5pm. Reservations are required to participate in the experience, as reservations are managed directly by the Matribiotes.

6pm: Activation by Angyvir Padilla of his installation Home Contains Us and Is Within Us #43 (In-Situ Creation)

Part of the first floor space of the Fondation Fiminco has been transformed to host an in-situ creation, “Home Contains Us and Is Within Us #43” by the artist Angyvir Padilla.

7:00 pm: Balade Hyménoptère 2.0 by Pedro Riofrio.

7:30 pm: Rituals with Microbial Ancestors by Annemarie Maes.

8:30 pm: Concert by Elsa Michaud as part of the carte blanche at the IDEAL TROUBLE festival.


Saturday May 6th :

From 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm: Closing workshop for adults – meditative tour and workshop around the exhibition.


From March 18th to May 6th 2023

Tuesday through Saturday from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.

All public, Free access

Access : La Chaufferie – Fondation Fiminco

43 Rue de la Commune de Paris, 93230 Romainville

subway Ligne 5 – arrêt Bobigny – Pantin – Raymond Queneau

bus Ligne 145 et 318 – arrêt Louise Dory

Angyvir Padilla, projet Home contains us and is within us, presented at la CENTRALE for contemporary art, Bruxelles in 2021.

Skall "Save the Sanctity of Life" (Fountain of Tears), 2002, Porcelain, glass and rock crystal, 365 x Ø 93 cm.

Collectif Matribiotes (Charlotte Gautier van Tour et Luz Moreno), Symbiosium,2022 ©Martin Argyroglo, courtesy Fondation LAccolade.

Behind the fibulas, absorbing surface of a child's eye, HISK Gosset, Brussels, 2020.

Image from the installation Somatic Communism, by Ève Gabriel Chabanon, presented at Iselp, Brussels in 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Como di Meglio, The Mycorrhized Soul (working title) © Claudia Goletto dimensions 250 x 175 x 10 cm.

Claude Panier, Being is a tree by the root of the eyes I-19, H.50xL.65,5, pigment pencil, gold powder on paper and tracing paper, 1998.

Charlotte Gautier van Tour, Osmos, 2022 © Léa Troulard.