The Residency - Fondation FIMINCO

The residency
of the Fondation Fiminco


Each year, the Fondation FIMINCO hosts an 11-month residency for 18 artists of different nationalities, giving them the possibility to develop their work and their research. The selected artists are able to benefit from workshops, accommodation and communal areas which are open to them.

The residency’s main aim is to offer artists a privileged environment which will encourage their work in research, experimentation and production. The artists are accompanied by the Foundation’s team throughout their residency and they have creative schemes and several creation workshops. The artists can make use of artistic and technical accompaniment based on their needs and in line with the project that they wish to develop.

The Fondation FIMINCO supports its residents with networking and by diffusing their work, encouraging meetings between the artists and a specialised public from the art world: curators, collectors, gallery owners, friends of museums, critics, but also the general public. The public is invited to meet the artists at open studios, talks and conferences, and also through educational projects.

The workshops

The resident artists will benefit from the support of a workshop leader, following a timetable previously set up by the Fondation FIMINCO. The workshop leaders can, if need be, help the residents learn and perfect new practices.

The Fondation Fiminco provide access to:

→ 1 audio / video studio (calibration, editing, mixing)

→ 1 photo studio

→ 1 silkscreen printing studio (2 printing tables, 1 washroom with a decoating unit, 1 contact printer)

→ 1 intaglio studio (2 presses, 1 inking table, 1 engraving space, 1 printing space)

→ 1 graphic arts studio (equipped with computers, printers, and materials for binding and small press projects)

→ 1 construction studio (equipped with woodcutting machines and a small ceramic kiln)

→ 4 mixed practice studios (equipped with workstations, storage, and mobile picture rails)

→ 1 studio for producing large format works

→ 1 viewing exhibition space