The Residency - Fondation Fiminco

The residency
of the Fondation Fiminco

© Martin Argyroglo

Assistance and professional development

The primary objective of the residency is to provide artists with a privileged environment for research and production. The artists will be accompanied by the Fondation’s team throughout their residency. They will benefit from an environment that facilitates collaboration with other residents and with external organisations.

Artists will have artistic and technical support according to their needs and the requirements of the project that they wish to develop: technical assistance with production, administrative support, and assistance with communication and networking. French as a foreign language courses will be offered to international artists to facilitate their integration and help with daily exchanges required during the residency.

The Fondation Fiminco residency is a place for professional development that helps artists gain visibility on the French art scene and establish a network. The Fondation organises meetings with professionals from the art world, curators, collectors, gallery owners, museum associations, journalists and art critics, notably during open studios. Open doors are also organized, allowing the public to discover the studios of the artists-in-residence. A presentation of the artists’ work is envisioned inside the Fondation’s exhibition spaces.

Work space

Two types of workshops are available to artists-in-residence: collective workshops, shared between several artists, and production workshops, dedicated to specific artistic mediums: engraving, screen printing, photography, video and graphic studios. For the screen printing and engraving workshops, residents will be able to benefit from the support of a workshop supervisor. 


Fondation Fiminco provides residents with:

→ 1 engraving workshop

Workshop equipped with a press (tray of 160 x 300 cm), allowing the production of large-scale works. The workshop allows artists to work on different types of engraving: intaglio (raised ink), alugraphy, and etching.




→ 1 silkscreen workshop 

Workshop equipped with a printing table of 1524 mm x 1016 mm, and necessary equipment (a platesetter, a de-icing tray).




→ 1 graphics workshop

Workshop equipped with computers and printers, a plotter, a scanner, a calibrated screen, and small cutting equipment.




→ 1 photo studio 

Workshop for photo shoots, equipped with a digital camera and a photographic chamber.



→ 1 video studio

Workshop for calibration and editing. This is a shared space, accessible in collaboration with Gingerlemon, a film production company housed in the residency building.



→ 7 collective workshops 

Workshops shared between several artists, equipped with furniture and storage. 




Living space

Each resident artist has a furnished studio, between 20 and 25 m2, with a bathroom and internet connection. Residents share communal kitchens and living spaces.