Philanthropy - Fondation Fiminco


Groupe Fiminco has long been involved in raising awareness for the arts among people who are not familiar with them. The partnerships developed focus on institutions committed to young creation and embracing a trans-disciplinary approach, including all forms of art and all areas of creation.

The Fondation Fiminco currently supports several artistic and cultural programs developed mostly in Seine-Saint-Denis and more largely in France.

Festival d’Automne in Paris – educational program “Cours de Re-Création”

Every fall, the educational program “Cours de Re-création” invites students to become cultural mediators of an exhibition they have visited. This process involves a collective work and invites students to think about the most relevant way to convey their perception of artworks.

The purpose of “Cours de Re-création” is to find the words to express a point of view about art. Exchange become the very object of the artistic experience.

The Fondation Fiminco also supports the implementation of this program in the Seine-Saint-Denis area, so that the enthusiasm of discovering contemporary creation can be shared by all.

Festival Villes des Musiques du Monde in Aubervilliers

The association “Villes des Musiques du Monde” organizes each year a transdisciplinary festival around a program of concerts and actions to promote the diversity of cultures and forms of expression. This event aims to reveal the richness of musical and artistic creation from around the world in dialogue with local artistic practices.

The Fondation Fiminco supports the Festival to set up a program for disabled people from the Medico-Pedagogical Institute Romain Rolland in Aubervilliers, in partnership with the educational team.

Festival Villes des Musiques du Monde in Aubervilliers

Montluc Prize “Résistance et Liberté”

The Montluc Prize “Résistance et Liberté” – which rewards each year a book, a play, a show, an artwork etc. – commemorates the action of the resistance fighters and actively works for a contemporary committed humanism. In 2018, the Prize winner was « Zohra », a women orchestra from Kabul. In 2019, the Prize winner was Selahattin Demirtas for his book “L’aurore”.

The Fondation Fiminco is also sensitive to the openness and trans-disciplinarity of the Prize, which creates bridges between the different art scenes and their anchoring in French and world contemporary history.

Montluc Prize "Résistance et Liberté"

La Scène

The mission of the association “La Scène” is to democratize entrepreneurship with young people. Considering that entrepreneurs are often from the same background, “La Scène” wants to disrupt the rules by bringing out new talents through a training pitch delivered by professionals of theater and cinema.

This project is part of the educational missions of the Fondation FIMINCO.

L’orchestre Le Balcon

“Le Balcon” is an artistic collective that brings together an orchestra, solo singers and composers. Throughout the projects, it invites directors, videographers and choreographers to join the group.

The Fondation Fiminco is pleased to support the organization of the 2019 edition at the Athénée Théâtre Louis Jouvet based in Paris and contribute to the production of shows from a repertoire covering all periods of the history of music, with a predilection for the works of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Jeune Création

Jeune Création is an association of artists whose mission is to promote contemporary creation through a network of visual artists. Jeune Création perpetuates internationally the emulation between artists, public, collectors, galleries and public or private institutions. Its missions are fully consistent with those of the Fondation Fiminco, which supports any form of contemporary creation.


Jeune Création