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Every year, the Fondation Fiminco launch two calls for applications: a first one for artists and a second one for curators. Find here all the information regarding these two highlights moments of the Fondation.

Call for application
for artists

The open call for 2021 for artists, will be launched soon.

The Fondation Fiminco supports creation, research, experimentation, and production by contemporary artists. Each year, the Fondation Fiminco invites transdisciplinary visual artists of any age from across the world to apply for a 11 month residency in research, creation, and production based in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The residency program is open to visual artists from France and abroad, of any age, who have shown significant professional development.

A total of 18 artists will be selected, divided into two sessions: a first session with 9 residents to start in January, and a second session with 9 residents in June.

Call for application
for curators

The open call for 2021 for curators, will be launched soon.

The Fondation Fiminco launches each year its call for applications to curators of any age from across the world for a residency in research, creation, and production based in the Romainville area (Seine-Saint-Denis).

By drawing from the multidisciplinary nature of artistic forms and research, the Fondation Fiminco aims to build bridges between different art scenes and give curators the opportunity to confront their work to new creative contexts, in order to enrich their practice and encourage the exchange of ideas, and, with the help of the Fondation’s teams, to generate new dynamics for their exhibition projects, shows, and their relationship to artists and works of art.

The curator-in-residence should be wholeheartedly open to shared work and living and will be free to collaborate with artists-in-residence at the Fondation Fiminco and make use of the production resources and creative spaces the Fondation provides.

A curator will be selected for a 11 month residency at the Fondation Fiminco.

The selection committee 2019

The artists are selected by a committee composed of personalities from cultural institutions.

In 2019 the jury was composed of Bénédicte Alliot, director of Cité internationale des Arts à Paris, Nathalie Ergino, director of Institut d’Art Contemporain in Villeurbanne (IAC), Jennifer Flay, director of Foire internationale d’art contemporain in Paris, Xavier Franceschi, director of Fonds régional d’art contemporain d’Ile-de-France (FRAC), Fabienne Leclerc, director of gallery In Situ in Paris and Joachim Pflieger, general manager of Fondation Fiminco.