Literary concert - Prix Montluc Résistance et Liberté 2022 - Fondation Fiminco

Jean D'Amérique - Prix Montluc Résistance et Liberté 2022

Monday, February 13th, 2023

The Fondation Fiminco, Groupe FIMINCO et the Prix Montluc Résistance et Liberté present the 2022 winner of the award, Jean D’Amérique.

Carrel Building – Fondation Fiminco
Monday February 13th from 7:00 pm

The Fondation Fiminco , groupe FIMINCO and the Prix Montluc Résistance et Liberté present the 2022 winner of the prize, Jean D’Amérique.

Founded in 2018, the Association Montluc – Résistance & Liberté has been supported by Groupe FIMINCO since its creation. In 2022, Jean D’Amérique was chosen by the jury as the grand prize winner for his novel Soleil à coudre.

Using pieces of his novel Soleil à coudre (Actes Sud, 2021) and his collections of poems, Jean D’Amérique offers a dive into the interstices of his multi-faceted work, where the word is at one with violence, where the poem stands as a space of human resonance, as a beacon of resistance against the forces of darkness. Delivered in a slashed syntax, a grammar of blood, these texts are crossed by voices wandering in the ruins, in the underworld, in the margins. They tell of the great wounds of today’s world and weave in the same gesture a song of hope, a rage to live.


Born in Haiti in 1994, Jean D’Amérique is a poet, playwright and novelist. His literary work, published by Cheyne, Théâtrales and Actes Sud, has received several awards, including the Prix Montluc – Résistance et Liberté.

©Edouard Caupeil

Monday, February 13 from 7:00 pm

Duration: 45 minutes

All public, on reservation, within the limit of available places:

Access : Carrel building – 3rd floor

Fondation Fiminco

43 Rue de la Commune de Paris, 93230 Romainville

Subway Ligne 5 : Bobigny – Pantin – Raymond Queneau

Bus Ligne 145 et 318 : Louise Dory


Event Prix Montluc - Résistance et Liberté, Jean D'Amérique