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Winnie Mo Rielly

About Winnie Mo Rielly

Winnie Mo Rielly (London 1993), lives and works in Paris, currently at Poush Manifesto. Her work navigates between sculpture, photography, drawing and perfor- mance. She is attracted to the complexity of inhabited spaces, where she observes how bodies interact in tight surroundings. The intimacy that she suggests in her installations is born from revealing proximity that turns towards exchange and encounters.

Laureate of the multimedia prize by The Fondation of France, she recently received her masters with felicitations from the jury of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris. Her exhibition Leaving room, composed of an installation accompanied by a sound piece will be the object of an artist book to be published in May 2021.
Winnie is laureate of the prize Société Générale with the purchase of ‘We could be friends’ photographic diptyque as part of their private collection and will be shown at the exhibition ‘Transport Commun’ at the Société Générale headquarters in September 2021, curated by Marie-Ann Yemsi.

Winnie has been invited to exhibit her photography work at Arles during the Rencontres d’Arles in July 2021, nominated for the Dior photography prize. She has recently been selected for the residency at the Fondation Fiminco, where her work will be showcased during a collective exhibition in September 2022.

Winnie Mo Rielly was part of the artists showing at the 69th edition of Jeune Création, an international art fair, with the presentation of her installation, ‘Two Missing Legs, right’ at the Fondation Fiminco. Winner of the prix Nature and Architecture of Chaumet in 2019, her work was on show at the exhibition and is now part of their private collection. Among numerous collectives exhibitions in France, Rielly has presented a performance at the Camden Art Center, in London 2018.


Winnie Rielly, Exhibition view, ©Jean-Baptiste Monteil.

Winnie Rielly, Come down to us, 2020.

Winnie Rielly, Exhibition view, ©Jean-Baptiste Monteil.

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