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Thomas Garnier

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France. 1991.

Thomas Garnier is an architect and an artist. After graduating in 2016, he continued his studies at Fresnoy, the Studio National des Arts Contemporains in Tourcoing (France). In 2018, he was awarded the “Révélations Art Numériques” by the ADAGP for his installation Cénotaphes. Influenced by the experimental architect and artist groups of the 1970s, he presents himself as a multi-disciplinary artist, whose work is at the crossroads of different techniques, drawing on the imagery and wealth of numerous creative fields. His practice is that of an artist but also of a researcher or a “heterotopologist”, as defined by Foucault in Les espaces autres, (1967). In 2019, he completed a residency at the Cité des arts in Paris. In 2018 and 2019 his work was assembled at the Festival Travelling in Rennes, at the Festival Côté court in Pantin, and at the Festival Mirage in Lyon. In 2019, he exhibited his work at the WRO Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland.

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Selected artworks

Thomas Garnier, Cenotaphes, 2018, installation mécanisée et système vidéo 1500 x 1500 x 2000 cm, aluminium, acier, pmma, béton, valchromat, système automate trois axes, système video dual-cam en direct.

Thomas Garnier, Scrollscape, Vestigeial, 2018, vue d'exposition.

Thomas Garnier, Scrollscape, 2018, photographies iphone assemblées, tirage Inkjet sur rouleau de papier de riz, tube d’acier, boite en béton.