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Min Oh

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South Korea. 1975.

At the intersection of visual, sound, and performing art, Min Oh observes how a body, in urgency, perceives, consumes, and creates time. She employs performances or the making of it as the material of her work to investigate the sense of insecurity. With de-hierarchizing, re-organizing, or re-signifying elements of performance in delicate manners, she devises scores in which the internal and external borders in performances become faint yet agitated for an unbiased thus better look at the fundamentals. Min Oh earned bachelor’s degrees in piano performance (1998) and graphic design (2000) at Seoul National University and received her MFA (2008) at Yale University, New Haven. Her work has been presented in Korea at: Arko Art Center, Seoul (2018), Art Sonje Center, Seoul (2018), Atelier Hermès, Seoul, (2018), Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, (2018), Daegu Art Museum (2017) ; Doosan Gallery, Seoul and New York (2017, 2016), Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin (2015) National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon (2018, 2014) and in Europe: Kunsthalle Erfurt (2011, Germany), Museum De Domijnen, Sittard (2018, The Netherlands), Nederlandsche Bank Gallery, Amsterdam (2012, The Netherlands).

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Selected artworks

Min Oh, Etude A, 2018.

Min Oh, Etude C, 2018.

Min Oh, Audience, 2017.