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Louise Mervelet

About Louise Mervelet

Louise Mervelet is a French artist born in 1994 in Paris. She is the co-founder of IVECO NU, a collective atelier and artist-run space located in Noisy-le-sec. “Louise Mervelet’s pop aesthetic questions the notion of entertainment as a weapon of resistance and subversion. The artist considers her aesthetic to be a protest. She combines a studio practice with a theoretical work, rooted in the fields of intersectional feminism, queer studies and literature with the aim of creating objects that convey narratives off the beaten track of the history of winners. Eager for new mythologies and new icons, she is convinced of their necessity.” Among her recent and upcoming exhibitions in France, in 2021 she will be exhibiting in Marseille as part of the exhibition Artorama at La Friche Belle de Mai, and Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon within the exhibition IRL é RL. She has participated in XOXO 5eme partition, Galerie Axolotl, Toulon (2021), Fleur Bleue, Atelier W, in Pantin (2021), and at 64th Salon de Montrouge with Quentin Blomet (2019).


Louise Mervelet, Sans titre, 2019, credits: Louise Mervelet.

Louise Mervelet, Sous la lune violette, 2019, credits : Louise Mervelet.

Louise Mervelet, Sans titre, digital artwork, 2021; produit à l'initiative de la release du morceau Passiflora (Prod by Yung PantherX), par Thérèse Synthèse.

Louise Mervelet, Crassula, sculpture/installation, 2021, crédit photo : Arthur Molines.

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