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Joon Yoo

About Joon-young Yoo

South Korea. 1985.

Joon Yoo studied French literature and fashion design in Seoul. Following a period of work experience in women’s ready-to-wear clothing, she decided to come to France to study art. She was admitted to the Beaux arts school in Paris and studied in Ann Veronica Janssens’ workshop. For Joon Yoo, there is a strength within works of art which enables us to question what life is. Her wish is to grow closer to the world. In her practice, she tries to reduce the volume of her productions so that the weight of her work is not felt in the world. With simplicity and in a perfunctory manner, her works seek to be immaterial. Faced with Korea’s social challenges, French literature has fed her desire for emancipation, thus enabling her to work on the development of her own visual and philosophical expression. In 2016 she was selected for the 67th Jeune Création or Young Creation fair at the gallery Thaddaeus Ropac in Pantin and she won the Jennifer Flay prize. In 2018 she produced a personal exhibition In a Relationship at the Galerie du Crous in Paris. She also participated in group exhibitions in France and abroad, notably at the Espace Neimeyer in Paris (2019, France), at the Kunstraum Postdamer Strasse in Berlin (2019, Germany), at the Pusan Drawing Festival (2017, Korea), and at the Palais Jacques Coeur in Bourges (2014, France).

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Selected artworks

Joon Yoo, Lumière, réplique, 2019, néon, 7,5 x 38 cm.

Joon Yoo, Funambulisme, performance, 2018, ruban blanc de 5mm de largeur, dimensions variables.

Joon Yoo, une sculpture qui se complète avec le vent, 2017, peinture sur soie, triptyque, 90 x 500 cm pour chaque élément. Photo : André An.