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Giuliana Zefferi

About Giuliana Zefferi

Giuliana Zefferi is a French artist born in 1985. In 2010, while in residence in Finland, Zefferi developed a ceramic work that was later shown in the window diplay of Galeries Lafayette on the invitation of Palais de Tokyo (Paris). In 2012, she began a reflection on the temporality of the artwork with the project titled “Les essais et les futurs antérieurs”. After a first exhibition of this project at Palais de Tokyo, Zefferi extended this research during a six-month residency in Marseille. During this residency, she began a video practice by animating 3D scans of the sculptures made for this project and by introducing the notion of prosopopoeia and “forms in narrative”. In 2017, on the tracks of speculative realism, of Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” and of the writings of André Leroi-Gourhan, she gradually drew the outlines of a new project titled “Après le geste, le grand dehors”. This project, still in progress, sets up new work methods by inviting craftsmen, graphic designers, musicians and amateur audiences to collaborate with her. She also extends these reflections with the collective “W” with whom she develops a plastic and theoretical reflection around the format of the “artothèque” (art library).


Giuliana Zefferi, Après le geste, le grand dehors Poster conceived with Martha Salimbeni serigraphy

Giuliana Zefferi, Exhibition view, Après le geste, le grand dehors - Prologue 2018 Poster conceived with Martha Salimbeni Confort Mental, Paris. ©MaximeBessières

Vue de l’exposition Après le geste, le grand dehors - Prologue 2018 Confort Mental, Paris. Hooking device conceived with Romain Guillet. ©MaximeBessières

près de vous 2020 Bikini, Lyon. ©FrédericHouvert

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