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Gabriel Moraes Aquino

About Gabriel Moraes Aquino

Gabriel Moraes Aquino is a Brazilian artist born in 1994. He lives and works in Paris, France since 2017. After graduating from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2020, he participated as an artist in the residency Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Gabriel Moraes Aquino researches the possible forms that the intersections between the exchange of intimacy and the impermanence of temporary homes can take and transform. His main source of references comes from his travels, told and untold stories, collection of images, personal and transcript texts and recovered materials. In order to reveal possible simple aspects and variations of a context, he often presents his work as actions and  performative installations mixing different media, objects and evidence of his and people’s presence. In 2021, he participated in collective projects such as the 71th edition of Jeune Création, and exhibited at DOC, for the project U Outro Lado, à Paris, organized by Persona Curada. His works have been shown in collective exhibitions, notably at Espacio Temporal in Pantin, at Vila Nova de Cerveira in Portugal, at the A4 Art Museum in China, at Offshoot Gallery in UK, amongst others.


Gabriel Moraes Aquino, The sun has already set on the other side, 2021, Image courtesy of Persona Curada, Photo by Romain Darnaud

Gabriel Moraes Aquino, Extrait vidéo: Johnny (part of Friendly Hair Cut), 2019

Gabriel Moraes Aquino Faisons de l'arrêt un nouvel espace 2020. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Monteil

Gabriel Moraes Aquino Drapeau d'herbe, 2020

Gabriel Moraes Aquino (Vue de l’installation) Noix de Coco de la Fortune. Fondation Fiminco , 2021

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