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Eva Garcia

Eva Garcia, Levée, Gravure sur zinc - Pointe sèche, burin, chine collé, 3,5 x 58 cm, 2021.

About Eva Garcia

It is only at the age of thirty, after I attended various workshops and began my training, that my artistic career really started. The journey and artistic productions that followed were the result of passionate work and
determination which led me to be represented by the Schumm-Braunstein Gallery in Paris and more recently by the Spazio Nobile Gallery in Brussels. My work has been awarded in 2020 by the Beaux-Arts Academy (the Frédéric and Jean de Vernon Award)

Eva Garcia, Embrasse, Gouache, chine collé, varnish, 107 x 73, 2021.

Eva Garcia, Horla, Gouaches on engraving state prints, 59 x 40,5 cm, 2021.

Eva Garcia, Quartz #1, Gouaches on engraving state prints, 74 x 59 cm, 2020.

Eva Garcia, Corps lourd #1, Zinc engraving. Drypoint, burin, chine collé, 62,5 x 49,5 cm, 2022.

Eva Garcia, Moissons #3, Copper engraving. Aquatint, drypoint, chine collé, 76,5 x 62,5 cm, 2022.

Eva Garcia, Présence #4, Engraving on zinc. Drypoint, gouache, 71 x 55 cm, 2021.

Eva Garcia, #7, Direct cutting on Paris limestone, H54xP20xL41 cm, 2019.

Eva Garcia, #10, Direct cutting on Dordogne limestone, H43xP24xL31 cm, 2020.

Eva Garcia, #13, Direct cutting on granite, H20xP34xL20 cm, 2020.

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