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Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, Meu Maior Inimigo, 2021.

About Daniel Nicolaesky

A multi-media artist, Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria situates his work between conceptual art and performance. He uses bedframes, walls, digital art, and his body as subjects and supports for his research, in a practice that explores the notions of circulation, displacement, belonging, and memory. Daniel sets up plural devices aimed at questioning a complex history in which representations of the black, queer and marginal body are often limiting. He draws on his childhood memories in Brazil and the history of minority peoples to reflect a multiple existence. As a counterweightto the scenes of civil war he saw in his hometown, he filled his work with dreamlike symbols and spoke words of love for life and human perseverance. These emancipatory, radical, and poetic works allow Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, in his own words, “to anchor his practice of resilience in an exponential transmutation of the human”. During his 11 months of residence at Fiminco, Daniel wishes to develop and enrich his pictorial and plastic research by creating a monumental immersive installation in which dancers and musicians come to raise questions of social belonging and the reinvention of the world. Daniel was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1991, lives and works between France and Brazil.

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, Les Racines du Temps, 2022. Installation POUSH. Manifesto. Photo : NanoVille Film

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, Fragments de Joie - Flash, acrylic on bed frame, 140x190cm, 2022.

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, Nature Endormie, painting on wood and corrugated iron, 400 x 500 x 280 cm. 2020.

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, De la Guerre a l'Art, 2022. Dual channel 4K film, 29m 21s.

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, (a)ch/cords, Performance 22min, Galerie du Jour Agnès b., Paris, 2019. Photos credits : Gabriel Moraes Aquino.

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, There's no loophole in time, Neon sculpture, 90 x 40 x 9 cm, 2022. Crédits photo : Aline Lelles.

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, 8- Combien coute une vie, 3D impression, 2022. Photos credits : NanovilleFIlm

Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, Vivere Memento, Film 4K, 2022.

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