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Ahmad Karmouni

Ahmad Karmouni, Sans titre, installation, halite, sel (dimensions variables) 2019.

About Ahmad Karmouni

Born in 1994 in Assilah, Morocco, Ahmad Karmouni is a graduate from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan in 2019, he lives and works in Assilah. Ahmad Karmouni is interested in the matter in its raw state, mainly salt, a substance particularly loaded with history, meaning and beliefs. He has developed a particular sensitivity and interest towards this element. His field of experimentation includes several mediums such as drawing and installation, as well as printing techniques (engraving, silk-screening, monotype, etc.) The artist question, through his artistic work, the position and the connotations that surround salt through the history of civilizations as well as its chemical and mineral nature. The same applies to substances he discovers as his research progresses, such as copper, lime, etc. He has participated in artistic residencies in Marocco such as the Caravan of Tighmert (2019), MAC.A Museum of Contemporary Art in Assilah (2019), Mahali Project, Mahal Art Space in Tangier (2020) and in France, at la Friche la belle de mai in Marseille (2022). Among his group exhibitions in Marocco: Mahal Art Space (Tangier 2020), Atelier kissaria (Tangier 2019), Le18 (Marrakech 2019), Galerie Venise Cadre (Casablnca 2018).


Ahmad Karmouni, Sans titre, 2018

Ahmad Karmouni, Ville en sel, 2018

Ahmad Karmouni, Fawka Imilh, co-produite par le collectif Calypso 21°36, out.of.the.blue.map, Mahal Art Space, Tanger 2020

Ahmad Karmouni, Fleurs de sel, 2019

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